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Kaymu X He s Goku X Lee : Denim Pants/ Jeans have always had their own space in our wardrobe, as far as i can remember. Everything evolve...

Kaymu X He s Goku X Lee : Denim Pants/ Jeans have always had their own space in our wardrobe, as far as i can remember. Everything evolved with time, and so did jeans. Today, the jeans have multiplied the varities they come in,  from slim fit to skinny, a wide range of styles to choose from. And for this very reason, jeans have been successful in finding themselves at every fashion-savvy man's wardrobe. Worn well, Jeans can be worn in a number forms, from the cowboy of the suburbs to the ultra urban to appeal ones aesthetics. Here's, how to get it right.


Slim Fit has been the hot cake at the moment, and the perfect fit can totally up your fashion game. It goes along with brogues, tan bucks, sneakers and what not! Here, I've chosen a relatively darker shade of slim fit jeans for a darker affair of winter. Pair up with some dark colored plain tee and a jacket/coat of any mute color. Add a comfy sneaker/brogue and head out. You'll look every bit of sophisticated urban guy.


As much as slim fits are popular, skinny pants aren't anywhere behind. Skinny pants have been ultra popular in the past half decade. Having said that, skinny jeans might not be for everyone. From weight to your body proportion, and your own comfort. This outfit highlight mainly on the skinny jeans and quilted jacket. The colors go well pretty fine with the henley shirt and the red chekered shirt provided the much wanted contrast in the outfit. Pair the outfit with a good pair of boots, and you are ready to go. Warm and stylish.


Aside trends, some of you might be till holding on to what might not be the pick of everyone else. And that is not to say you are doing it wrong. The number of men opting  for Parallel/ Straight fit Jeans have considerably decreased, but you can still dress right in them. The straight fit pants go well with the white tee and sneakers. A bright colored jacket gives a ting on the whole look. Add a cap for a boyish look, and you are ready to heat out!:

Photos by: Kaymu/ Edit by : Indu Rai
I'm Wearing: Jeans by Lee (Kaymu)
Jackets by Lee (Kaymu)
Sunglass by River Island
Watch by No. 7

While all these latest trends,fashion posts and types of jeans might tempt you, the choice of the type you'd go for would be completely yours. Assess what you'd want to look like and while doing so, take a range of issues such as comfort and longevity of the item into account. The denim pants and jackets and  in all of the three styles above are from Lee Clothing (Online Kaymu) and if you are tempted to shop the closet, you can visit the link, here.

In this dark affair of winter,
Shop Wisely <3

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  1. I can't help myself, but the slim ones looks on you as regular and the skinny ones as slim =). But you are on point, today we have so many cuts that everyone can find the best fit =).
    I like most the skinny one and than traditional cut as Lee or Levi's is doing over dozens years =).
    I bought one Lee jeans in Oslo and from that time they are my most favorite ones. Best fibre, best cut, supercomfy..I just love them! =)