The Denim Couture

Photos by: Kailash Gurung (Shutter Corp.) Knitwear by: Zara (Men Denim Couture) Trench Coat by: Lezido We...

Photos by: Kailash Gurung (Shutter Corp.)
Knitwear by: Zara (Men Denim Couture)
Trench Coat by: Lezido Wears
Skinny Jeans by: Hermers
Shoes by: Momentum
Wayfarer by: Rayban

The air is no longer infused with chills of winter, dusk and dawn have grown apart further. With days getting longer and weather more humid, the clothes that i take out of my closet have changed too. The super thicky warm outfits have already been locked down to rest till the next winter. On my pick? Relatively thinner warm wears.

In the past couple of years, no other fashion item has ruled the wardrobe like skinny jeans has. Youth, teens, men and women, You name it, almost everyone has at least a pair. And why would it not? They are super comfy unlike the dragging braggy trousers and goes along well with outwears of almost any sort. Having said that, skinnies are not just safe-safe. They have their own drawbacks too. Using skinnies tighter than tights and pairing with overly fancy shoes can make you look like a clown rather than a fashionista. And, there the body type too. This might sound mean, but some bodies are not really meant for skinnies, esp the ones with a huge upper body with mosquitoes-like legs. Amen.

About the post, i have paired this super comfy skinnies with the long knit from Zara. As both of them are similar in color (blue), i used trench coat in army green for some contrast. The coat is not as warm but just the right amount that you would want for a relatvely warm day with chilly mornings and windy evenings. Add a pair of high end shoes and a sunglass, and you are done! Simple, effortless and yet stylish.

This Season,
Continue you love for Skinny Jeans!:)


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  1. amazing style bro!!!
    i like the total outfit.

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  3. nice Pictures :)
    Lovely, Sylvie <3

  4. That knit is supercool!!! I like it very much!
    And about the skinnies..I am one of the type who cant wear them often..I have massive but short legs, so it looks weird.. I have two skinnies in my closet which has cut suitable for I understand this problematics..

  5. Nice post Goku!!!

  6. Very awesome post dude
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  7. You look absolutely magnification.
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    Love & hugs Twinsladybug

  8. I'm in love with this sweater! great pictures Goku! :)

    have a great weekend! :)

  9. Some one is looking supa handsome !!
    Loved your look !!

  10. Thank you for the visit on my blog! Hope the spring in Kathmandu is bringing new life and vitality.

  11. Hello. Perfect Outfit :D
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  14. Seems like someone is totally rocking the denin corture