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Photos by: Meiilan Photography  I'm Wearing: Black Turtle Neck Black jeans by American Eagle ...

Photos by: Meiilan Photography 
I'm Wearing: Black Turtle Neck
Black jeans by American Eagle
Watch  by No.7
Shoes by Timberland

I've been constantly checking on the temperature of Kathmandu, for the weather has been harshly cold. Cold air, cold water, and cold everything. Literally everything. But having said that, winter has not just arrived solely with the grey, dark and gloomy days. with this winter, has arrived long awaited festive season, lights and holidays. Christmas, New year and more!.  And, most of you must already planned  to watch a movies you've long waited for at the best of the theater in this very festive season. Well Guess what? I'm here to help.

A few days back, We, I and my fellow bloggers had a chance to watch movie at Cine-de Chef, a luxurious movie theater located at downtown Kathmandu . well, we were lucky to be invited by the movie hall itself. Amazing! The theater , which is a cocktail of movies and food sits at the seventh floor of alright looking CTC center, just beside china town. As soon as we stepped inside from the almost turning-you-numb cold weather outside, the pleasantly warm lounge greeted us. From luxurious massaging recliner seats, which can be used as couch to sleeping bed (almost!) and to the full bar menu and massive screen, the theater seemed and felt great. The theater is only of its kind to offer dining facilities from a wide range of items from the table menu while we, the customers were engaged to the thrill of movie.  The service was on point and so was the movie we went for. Adding even more, you can even ask for a food/snack order that you'd desire for while watching the movie itself. Sounds  amazing? It indeed was. In fact, it was such a treat!

We had our share of fun, when are you having yours? 
Tempted to book a ticket for yourself at Cine-de Chef? Get to know more about it here,

The festive season has finally begun
Have a great time!:)

<3 Goku

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