I Feel Like A Four Leaf Clover

Hei guysssssssss!! How’ve u all been ?   Hmph.. .I had a great time, splurging my time  into  fun  poking stuffs and made an  attemp...

Hei guysssssssss!! How’ve u all been ?

  Hmph.. .I had a great time, splurging my time  into  fun  poking stuffs and made an  attempt  to live to the fullest  synonymous to the king size just like Tara lhamo suggests   to , in her very own blog J.
  To begin - I and this  “not so shy “ friend of mine :P hired a ricksaw , which of course was the first time for both of us  from thamel  to the amusement park and in between along the main road and earned  some whacky  splendid crazy moments .Competing  on a ricksaw with the other wheelers, being stared by people as if we are maniacs and getting bumped up on the roads of Ktm : whats more could we ask for ?;) 

  Having ridden the mighty pirate ship (Columbus)  and Nepali version of ferris wheelers, I  sort of  felt dizzy all over and tended to puke.As a result ,  I  had this thirst  to lie down  which led us in search of   grasses  to quench it and this is when we  encountered  the climax of the day : discovery of LOVE PARK :D
  As I was merely trying to feel okay , this friend of mine had her bulls eye over  the couple inside the park  through the fence  .With things going on its pace  , even I got wroked up and had this urge to discover somethn new. In haste  , we owned the tickets and made this short trip to  park where couples were  so into each other having the time of their lives and we on the contrary were enjoying live movies poking them and creating unrealistic disturbances inbetween.

                   Reckon this very clover shall turn my long dreamt wishes into reality? I wonder 

  And  just when we were about to pop out ,   my eyes  got stuck on a four leaf clover,   YES !  a four leaf clover!! I  picked it up instantly , showed it to my friend to get verified and it turned out to be the one .

I feel lucky like a four leaf clover J


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  1. pugeyna pugeyna,..
    need more..
    what about the couple under the bush...
    and those two weird women..
    and that so-called-goodlooking couple...
    ani arko...chatpat.. and not to miss' so-into-love couple who were just too out of control...if u know what i mean ;) :D

    1. Hahahahaha
      two weird women
      two guys holding hands
      we two acting as a couple so tat THEY wont suspect us for a spy
      and yeah that was one good looking couple :P
      They were so out of control ! Umah Umah :D HAhaha
      And then the watchman seemed so defeated when i asked the name of the very park , he sighed and said " love park babu , what else :D "

  2. and yes.. me telling everyone that its ur birthday and we actually got a discount for that..remember??? at the lovepark? :D lmao

    1. Hahahhaah yeah ! even in the streets , people must have taken us for maniacs, weirdos! fun times, we should do it time and again !! right ?:P we even got a discount with the rickshaw driver :D

  3. oiii baka sounds more interesting apart from your old posts. Getting to see new side of your writings ;)don't get carried away though hahas xx

    1. Haha Thanks love :P And it would be even more interesting if you were here. Side by side :P

  4. I love the fact that you blog is turning its way to a fun world,
    m glad ur blog is not boring like mine :(.
    i need time to have fun now,
    Hope the dream that you dreamt to come true chasing you,
    Have fun and love to read more of ur fun stories,,

    1. lhamo DD you blog is like awesome !i love the content
      Some dreams i dreamt shattered long back and now i am making an attempt to dream new .
      And yeah dont worry , we shall have fun together =]

  5. I love this post.. sounds like a REAL fun day! and the four leaf clover, were there many of them? looking forward to more of these :) and some pics as well. hehe!

    1. Hey there !
      thanx mate :)
      And the four leaf clover? NO XD
      there was just one and my eyes stuck on that ! we searched again but couldn't find haha