Awkward silence

"You are such a talker"  This is what i got usually during my junior high days. Time changed by shattering , changing the dimen...

"You are such a talker"
 This is what i got usually during my junior high days.
Time changed by shattering , changing the dimensions and people claim so did i.Well , its obvious for it was then when i could express as i desired and interacted to a different level with my folks. And it is now where i can't utter words in front of people, especially the ones i meet for the very first time.The reason- being chained down in awkwardness followed by hyper consciousness prohibiting me to interface. Words emerge deep within but i tend to choke them back .And the words fail to fly out , never to reach out the other person.

 Because of these ,people take me for someone either timid or proud overflowing with attitude. Once, i was supposed to meet a friend of mine who then brought his friend along. Since i didn't utter a word, he (friend's friend ) got all worked up pissing himself off to his face just because " i didn't utter a word " .This happens very once in a while and i have sort of gotten used as such.

 But yesh ,on the brighter side, i do have a handful of people around me with whom i can be myself. I get all crazy flashing out all the words quitting THE worry about how they will take it.And among these comes a spicy , hot headed lady who puts me at ease every other time with an attempt to bring out the best of me.

                                                                 That alieno face .
For all your irritation and annoyance ,you will have to be by my side for the rest of your life and pay me up:P

And as far as the awkward silence  which i am known creating for , i will make sure to deal with it in sometime .
Happy weekend guys ! : )

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  1. Ahem Ahem,
    lovely post to clarify the things you have them for so long,
    there r people who take time to adjust with the ambiance and people and this does never mean that they r awkward,
    they are special in their own way, you r certainly one,
    The photographs of the lady just brightens the post,

    1. Acha you and your sweet comments always puts me at ease.
      Ty =]

  2. Goku, You are such a talker !! :P

  3. Ayaaaa nandeyy? nandey goku chan?
    Im hot headed cause you always attempt to make me one? haha =)
    I don't have to write anything about you kk?;)
    I just know you:)

    1. hahaha Stop that drama of yours now ! Lol
      Umm i attempt to coz you look umm a lil bit cute that way ? :P

  4. great to see you around Gokul. And this is another side of you I see. Interesting blog!