I claim wishes !

                                                            Too much of negatives- this is what i find myself dwelling in. As of now, i am...

                       Too much of negatives- this is what i find myself dwelling in. As of now, i am trying to
          bid farewell to the pessimism i constrain myself in and am making a bold attempt to make a trip a
          to the other corner of myself. It is then i realize  there is still some brightness and hope oozing out ,                  
         though  this only covers the tiniest  fraction of me , i reckon.
                 This very day , the sun tried to play hide and sneak with me behind those vast dense clouds,
         clouds which appeared as if someone had brushed them off with white paint.Umm ...are happiness
         the same ? Like the sun showered its rays on me and at times it would vanish away , do joys make
         only a brief visit? I wonder.

           Ah !! this bitter winter has shred all the leaves from these poor trees.

         I  can see them bare standing along the streets, the same trees that once flaunted  the presence
        of   magnificent green leaves. But again , i become amused  imagining how they are going to receive
        their asset of greenery this spring . They would revive.

             I guess this is how one tries to have optimism trying to find a reason of hope and holding onto
       that  even when  the whole world resists against them, And when the world  strikes against me ,
        i want to mould myself- mould  into the  supple one   to resist the disastrous hurricane,  i wish :)

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  1. someone seems really disappointed with something, well life is all about it and how you over come from those troubled times,

    1. I was back then , but i guess i am learning to live every bit , every inch being content. I realized life is beautiful ;)