Flowers For His Soul

Photos by: Kailash Gurung (Shutter Corp.)  I'm Wearing: Floral Printed Tee by H&M Trous...

Photos by: Kailash Gurung (Shutter Corp.) 
I'm Wearing: Floral Printed Tee by H&M
Trousers by Lacoste
Watch by No.7

This post wasn't supposed to be published this late, neither was it meant to be melancholic. I had intended to publish this post more than a month earlier. Then the earthquake happened. As most of you might be aware, Nepal, my country was hit by a 7.8 Richter earthquake causing massive loss of lives and wealth. You can donate if you want to help the Nepalese through established organizations to the likes of Red Cross, Oxfam GB Nepal and others. Every Penny Counts.

Well, it was supposed to be spring, and i i tell you how my heart was longing for one. The flowers that bloomed inside his heart and soul now are being used to offer condolences. Kathmandu, which was supposed to be lit up by jackarandas is now mourning. In purple.

But again, i'm sure these times will be soon over. Because, no blue can last together when there's you, me and us together.  Till then, flowers will be a remedy for his soul. The soul, which now is jarred and eroded.

Please send us your love

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  1. OMG
    So sad to hear the news about the earthquake
    It's everywhere, on TV, Newspaper and Internet too

    Get well soon nepal and Nepalese
    The whole world pray for both

    So glad too se you in fine condition
    Loving the flower patterns
    what a bloom!

  2. These flowers are doing and looking really great on you Goku... Dapper!!

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you