A New Found Love.

Its been a dreadful sweaty month. For over a month, the sun has been shining at its brightest with seldom sprinkles of drizzle. The puddl...

Its been a dreadful sweaty month.
For over a month, the sun has been shining at its brightest with seldom sprinkles of drizzle. The puddles on the raw graveled roads dry out rather fast than they did in the earlier years. The clouds gather, roar with thunder just to pour on the land but they soon scatter failing to shower the city with much anticipated rain.

In the recent days, the intensity of this evident summer heat has been further escalated by speculation of closeted love affair between my colleagues. Him and Her. A fresh new love bud gradually reaching its peak summer bloom. My colleagues, tend to cover up their bonding but the scents of the fruit that they are attempting to bear has long surpassed the boundaries. The curtains of the pathetically funny act that they are trying to put on showcasing their "casual behavior" are already down.

It was three of us deployed for this particular assignment. And he, who is pretty witty and quirky has been showing some foreign behavior that does not quite relate to him. I reckon this thing called love has almost gulped him up. Effects.
He's glued to the social sites expecting her messages. Hers, a female colleague's, who is deployed into a different area for a different assignment. Her texts always tops the list in his cell phone. And when the messages/texts actually do arrive, he gleams. His dark coal eyes beams up like never before. A 100 watt smile on his face showing half of his teeth and the gaps in between.The expression of happiness. And there's more. He sneaks out of the office some minutes earlier, just to meet her. 

He's a guy who wears his heart in his sleeve. What he feels inside is exactly characterized by his face and yet, he denies despite all the indicators. Denies so absurdly that i want to punch him hard making him spit out about the truth. The truth of his newly found love that he is trying so hard to cover. But i restrain. Hoping that someday he will be ready to confide. Someday.

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  1. U r in between him and her... Does that meant u r 'kebab ma haddi'

  2. Hi there! No wonder you write pretty well! Love your writing! Thanks for stopping by btw! (:
    May be we could follow each other? New post on my blog! Stop by me soon again! xx

    With love ❤

    1. Sure thing:)
      And thanks for dropping by.

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  4. You have a way with words ... "A 100 watt smile on his face ..." - made me smile too.