Why Don't you Hold Me In Your Embrace?

Corpse, Identical  to how  i  lay  in my bed . Without any blinks , i have already taken off my journey to the vast  land where my imagin...

Identical  to how  i  lay  in my bed .
Without any blinks , i have already taken off my journey to the vast  land where my imagination blooms .  Memoirs of the past disguise into shoots trying to bud ,attempting to develop. But i mercilessly  chop them off  forbidding them to prosper. This act has turned out to be much  routine -based   and repetitive that i no longer try to win against .Instead i wait. Wait till all these obnoxious thoughts get washed away , wait until my mind becomes  the land of calm.

Tick ..Tick..Tick
The clock  with it ticking hands  give an evidence of gradually maturing night .
With each decrease in sec until the night  thrusts  itself into dawn to  get merged  within , i decide to sleep.
I attempt  to sleep .
I  cover the lid of my eyes , hoping to get lost in nap's tight warm embrace. But  every attempt of mine goes in vain  and disappointment  gets  piled up. Anxiety  rush towards me .Does it aim to ship me to the highest state of  anxiety ?I wonder.

 As if i am trying to sail across the vast ocean of  angst  ,those waves head forward  with  strong  glare   flaunting its high current  of  worrying  thoughts only to submerge  me.And at mere  times like this , i  succeed to float back to the surface  from the deepest sink of the earth  .But will they return? return with those mighty force as powerful enough to constrain me exerting the greatest deal of autonomy never letting go ? I can't  be the subject of captivity.

Now i've made my mind.I need to sleep for i have had enough!
I  don't have the slightest  idea  as  when i will be blessed to pace in the land of nod, when the goddess of nap will be generous enough to hold  me in her embrace,
But  i try to sleep ,
i decide to sleep.


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  1. SO YOU GU.
    really love how you managed to write those thoughts before you go to sleep.

  2. Awesome dude...Really good in writing..!!

  3. Liked the flow of your writing...

    and thanks for your comment over mine.

    P.S. you are cute :)(sorry for this out of the blue comment)

    1. Thank you RG :)
      haha no ! i appreciate comments like that :P

  4. Its really nice, naive but really nice..

    1. Thank you malika :)
      wanted to go through your posts as well , but i couldn't figure them out . more of like i could find them. Would love to read your posts .

    2. Namaste! I am a new follower. You have very lyrical writing, almost like a poem.

    3. Namaste loverofwords :D
      You know nepali culture ? i am glad !
      And thanks for following me :)

  5. I really enjoyed this piece...nice visuals!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog recently too!

    1. Thank You Stephanie :)
      It was a pleasure going through yours.